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  1. I'm sorry if someone has already posted something like this before, but I couldn't find one. So, a Windows XP computer got the "System Check" virus which was removed. Asquared Anti-malware and Online Armor werer then installed on the computer. After a hour or so whenever I would go to the taskbar to the start menu, clock, etc. the mouse would select something immediately and open it. When the computer was connected to the internet, Firefox would go to random pages constantly. I also noticed that Asquared's guard and the firewall was off and I couldn't turn it back on. (The computer was not connected to the internet at this point) I ran a deep scan with Asquared and nothing came up. I restarted the computer and the blue screen of "Disk Check" came up. (Didn't before) But before I could do anything, after about 3 seconds a "key" was pressed to stop the disk check. I didn't press anything on the keyboard. I knew it had to be some form of Malware. I tried pressing F8 to get into safe boot BUT when I get to the screen it would show up for a second then "Start normally" would be highlighted and selected. I tried different keyboards and it happened. I couldn't open anything because it would be closed, and I could only start the Task Manager. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary in processes but cpu and memory were at 100% used...and nothing was running. Anyways, eventually I booted into safemode (By starting 'msconfig') and the problems persisted. I finally removed the "Virus" by finally getting asquared's guard to start again in safe mode. I ran a deep scan and this time a few "medium" level trojans were found. I can't remember what they were (I'm not going to work on the computer again till this Saturday) but they did consist of "DX" in the name and they were .exe. I removed them but the computer was still sluggish and firefox and other programs wouldn't run. I ended up manually going to the .temp folder where Asquared found the medium level trojans and moving ALL of them to Asquared's quarantine. (There were many more malicious sounding names in notepad files and .exe's that asquared didn't find anything bad in) After deleting them in Asqaured the compuer was fine again. NOTE: I tried running TDSS Killer and it wouldn't start. I want to know if anyone knows what this virus is and why asquared was disabled and couldn't find them. Also, did this virus have to do with System Check? Thank you for your time and sorry if someone has posted this before. Oh! And also is it possible this virus could come back again if the computer was connected back to the internet? (Since Asquared and the firewall were disabled by it.)
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