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  1. I just got the attached unrequested webpage in FF. I couldn't find anything about in Emsisoft online, so I don't know this is Phishing or something new from Emsisoft. Emsisoft Browser Security web page.pdf
  2. Screen shot after the lockup showing Windows Task Manager and SpybotSD hung is attached
  3. I have been able to issolate a set of steps that creates the lockup. It is connected with having A2 File Guard on. Behavior blocker and Surf protection can be left on. I. Start SpybotSD.exe, shut it down >>> Lockup of all applications, must do hard stop & reboot II. A. Turn off A2 File Guard, Start SpybotSD.exe, shut it down >>> It shuts down B. Turn on A2 File Guard, Start SpybotSD.exe, shut it down >>> Lockup of all applications, must do hard stop & reboot This PC can get the lockup problem without me doing anything including with me not in the room. The above is a scenario that is 100% repeatable. Also, this problem shows up on my other PC that is running A2, but not on my older PC that doesn't have A2. I have attached a PDF file listing all the files that were modified from a hard boot to the running of SpybotSD.exe, the lockup and then another hard boot.
  4. I still am getting lockups that require a physical shutdown, though maybe only 2 per day now instead of hourly. I had already uninstalled AVG9 free. The Avgwdsvc.exe process is still in the loaded process list, but it is in a stopped state. Did you see any other part of AVG9 running? I have also uninstalled Ad-Aware. So, I am only running CCleaner, A2, Spybot and Registry Booster. XP has all the latest critical patches, as I know you can see. I am getting the same lockup condition on my other virtually duplicate PC, but I'm only working on this one until the problem is resolved. I've been doing a soft reboot after the hard reboot on each lockup. My old Dell dog doesn't have this problem. It is running AVG. I think v8.5. A2 required too many resouces to allow Outlook to run. Thanks for your assistance, Gordon
  5. I think you have all the logs that are required. I'm reattaching them though.
  6. Not sure if I need to turn off User Account Control in Win XP. Attached is the ISeeYouXP.txt file without any changes to UAC settings.
  7. My deep scan is attached Can you help me in turning off User Account Control in Win XP? The instructions are for Vista and I couldn't find a similar location in XP.
  8. About a week ago, I started getting a complete lock up of Windows and all applications although the cursor continues to operate. Both of these PCs have Win XP service pac 3 and A2. I don't know how I can get a log file from A2, since A2 says that my PCs are clean and the Win Event Viewer says nothing about a problem. I get the same message as Salopian0784 gets when Spybot Search & Destroy crashes - "Unloading user registry hives might take a while..." that precedes the lock up. I also get a lockup when I run Ad-Aware, but the message is "Ad-Aware stopped unexpectedly". I still got this error with a new installation of Ad-Aware. I surmise that I have a mal-ware program that crashes Win-XP service pac 3, whenever an antivirus program runs that it recognizes and it somehow does not recognize A2. If I do have such a virus, A2 isn't finding it with a deep scan. I have now been up and running without Ad-Aware installed and without executing Spybot for 2 hours now without getting the lock up problem. I do not know how to further fault issolate this problem.
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