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  1. As I already posted I had more than 10 GB free. Will check my event log later.
  2. Thank you for that link. That would mean the 10 GB should have been enough... Would there be additional requirements? For example the size of the Windows partition? (I use a small SSD, but it does have more than 10 GB free space available)
  3. 8 GB of RAM. I did not see the 1.5 requirement before, so thought a 10 GB page file would be fine.
  4. Even after selecting "Complete memory dump" (to %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP) and setting the page file to 10 GB (and rebooting) the dump file is not created. Instead a 512 KB minidump is written to C:\Windows\Minidump. I did wait several minutes when the counter reached 100% on the manually initiated BSOD (which already took several minutes) before rebooting. I'm afraid I have to give up for now...
  5. The pagefile is currently managed by Windows itself which allocated only 512 MB, but I can temporarily set it to 10 GB manually. I also noticed that "Write debugging information" was set to "Small memory dump (256 KB)"... Which option should I choose instead? Kernel memory dump Complete memory dump Automatic memory dump Active memory dump
  6. Not that I'm aware of (and this PC used to have only 4 GB of memory; 8 now).
  7. Reproduced immediately. Waited for Windows to report 100%, after which it rebooted itself. No DMP created. Worse: EAM is installed, but there's no uninstall option. And the link to emsiclean.exe on the website is broken... I'm stuck!
  8. Ouch: after installing EAM and entering my license code EAM started updating; at 1% it locked up! Unfortunately 1Password was running unlocked, so I cannot share a dump of this state. Going to try again with no App open...
  9. Ran the enable script and will install EAM again. Let's see how long it takes until I have another lockup.
  10. Since you told Alan you did not need a second one I never tried that… I'll put it on my todo list. Anything in particular I should (not) do?
  11. Two more lock ups within 5 minutes. I have to uninstall EAM to use my PC now... 😢 Will follow this topic to see when I can install (beta of) EAM again.
  12. Could be, but then it would be a new issue, which I hope is not the case. I think it's more likely the issue already reported here: EAM locking the PC when it starts.
  13. Huh, why would the old version restart after an update?
  14. This newest beta was the second update this week that locked my PC twice... 😢 The problem in this topic seems more related to not properly starting?