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  1. Ok...your trick is the way...the update wasn't online armor side but MSE !
  2. Hello GT500 You know I already lost hours to understand what was the problem and trying to install a "beta" whith a possible solution is not the way not to lose more time on this ! especially if the beta is not working. So will wait that emisoft to find the solution; it should'nt be as complicated as that to reproduce and test : just install last Windows 7 x64 version and last updates, install microsft security essentials and online armor free and see the windows event list and debug files. To others : I prefer disable MSE because before to infected your computer a virus or trojan needs to access it...and online armor is doing a pretty good job protecting your computer from illegal access and install.
  3. Hello ! SOLVED !!! I confirm : the black screen is exactly 15minutes long ! and occur just after welcome screen. I am using onlinearmor free on two different computers with both W7 x64 fresh install - only clean drivers...and Microsoft Security Essentials and one Premium on a third computer with no problems. the trick is that there is something wrong between online armor and Microsoft Security Essentials since last update of both ! It tooks me hours to find that it wasn't a trojan and few re-install (thanks ghost !) to understand that the only way to end the problem is to disable Microsoft Live protection...otr uninstall Online armor wich is a worst solution. I am not using MSE on the third computer because I have also Emisoft anti-malware installed and so, no problems ! So could someone at Emisoft check what's going ?
  4. Hello, I must say I am very desapointed. I was the owner of 5 licences for years with no problem until now. The new upgrade policy was done with no advice, no mail and let all my 5 computers almost with no virus protection. the only way to solve the problem seems to upgrade to the new software solution with a special offer of 25% discount which means it's the exact price I bought the 5 full licences... what commercial policy ! So, I Will have a look to the other software before take any upgrade decision ! You should care of your old clients ! .bali.
  5. Hello, All my licences has disappear and my email is no longer registred...look like the tallemu registration site do not work my 5 computers have no firewall ! I really need a very fast solution ! Try to put old licences number but your system do not recognise it!