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  1. OK thanks. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Another quick question related to licences. Later this year I expect to build a new PC and migrate to Windows 7. I'll want to migrate my software onto the new PC and will be decomissioning the old one. I seem to remember that the old OA licence page had an option to free up a licence from one PC in order to install it on another. I can't see this option on the new Customer Center pages. How would I go about doing this? Thanks again.
  2. I downloaded the installer and ran the upgrade install. All seems to be working just fine now. The built-in updater also runs correctly. Also, the Customer Center page now accepts my licence key - the exact same key it wouldn't accept yesterday!? Is this because I had to actually run OA 5.5 before the key could be registered? Also, you mention a problem with Windows Crypto API on my system. I've not experienced any other problems that may be related to this service. Could you provide more details on how I can fix this or determine if there is an actual problem in my system? (Or might you actually mean that it was a OA bug related to the Crypto service?) Thanks
  3. I've just started getting errors pop up in OA when it tries to update itself. I'm currently on version, on WinXP SP3. My AV is Eset NOD32, and both are working together just fine (appropriate exclusions are in place so they don't conflict). This is the event log entry for the update failure: Created: 2012-02-09 01:22:08 Summary: Automatic Update failed Description: OA: File help_ena.chm is corrupted Event type: Auto update(11) Event action: None(1) Also, within OA my licence is showing up fine. I just renewed a couple of weeks ago. However the licence is now no longer appearing in the Customer Center web page. I read another post about this and tried to register my key (I still have the email from the renewal) but it says this: ERROR: The license key you entered does not exist or is already registered with another user account. Please note, that the key printed on your purchase documents might be different to the one that the software displays. Please enter the key that is displayed in the licenses dialog of the software only. Online armor 5.1 just tells me how long my licence has left, it doesn't show the key. What's going on?