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  1. Here's my exclusions, If I should add or change anything please let me know.
  2. I have just installed Voodooshield, AppGuard and Shadow Defender on my windows 10 Laptop along with EAM now is it necessary to exclude these in EAM? If so, which way is best? From File guard and the BB?
  3. Can I run these two together and if so, do I need to exclude any process's?
  4. I was told by a friend that customers can trade their mamutu license's in for EAM, is this true? Are there any limits? because I have a few I won from giveaway's
  5. Where can I download the beta?
  6. Yea that's what I meant, the gui
  7. Hello, I am just curious as to why mamutu hasn't been updated since 2011? Version - 11/4/2011
  8. Watch , it's even high for languy
  9. I'm not the only person that has issues, i've seen plenty of comments all over the net regarding this...I don't have EAM installed currently so I can't run OTL. I guess i'll just have to wait until the next big update and try it again.
  10. I just installed EAM without ANYTHING else installed, and as soon as I open IE cpu spikes to almost 50% and ram goes up to 40-50 mb so basically it is light in idle but when something is opened is when it uses alot of resources...I hope this will be fixed asap.
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