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  1. That's what I was hoping. I'm not feeling as unexpectedly abandoned as I was a few minutes ago. Thanks very much for all your help trying to untangle the XP/Vista firewall issues that arose with V10. I hate to change this system to a competing product but certainly understand how difficult it must be for a lean company such as Emsisoft to manage your products for aging operating systems that are being otimized for current ones. Thanks very much for all the malware free years of use that Online Armor and Emsisoft made possible.
  2. OK. Stuff happens. Probably not enough of us left to stick to the original Spring 16 timetable. Should have updated to Win 7 yrs ago rather than wait for 8 or 10 that I'm not crazy about but it's too late for that now. Will the current working combo of EIS with Windows firewall continue to update with working signature updates through year end or will you let us know when to cut off updates to avoid downloading updates that will disable the current working configuration?
  3. Interesting. Nothing lasts forever and things obviously change but two weeks ago (GT500 post #29 above) the next beta was expected to fix the EIS V10 firewall issues on Vista. I do notice that the EIS/EAM/EEK product pages were changed at some point recently to indicate they run on Win 7, 8 and 10 with no mention of Vista. Did I miss the announcement that Emsisoft was terminating Vista support?
  4. Saw EIS V11 public Beta has been released and your comment in another thread that it addresses firewall issues for Win 7 and 8 users. Does that also include the Vista 32 bit users?
  5. FWIW turning the EIS firewall off and using the windows firewall with the rest of EIS operated and updated normally over the rest of the weekend without any of the previously reported error messages or connection problems.
  6. Yes. The firewall was on as the system came back from sleep and again on wakeup this AM. This time there were 3 internal processing error messages that had to be cleared before I could cycle the firewall and manually update. Twelve hours earlier the major protection error appeared last night after wakeup leading to a computer restart and a need to cycle the EIS firewall to enable updates. It was only after post #24 that I changed power settings to let the system sleep. Prior to that I had left the system awake for all our troubleshooting. In all cases all EIS protection features were on and in use. I'm still searching for a more stable situation so I'll see if EIS minus the firewall is any more stable using the windows firewall.
  7. Might have spoken too soon. After letting the system sleep for a couple of hours the internal processing error message returned when EIS failed to autoupdate after wakeup. The Windows Event Logs show a Distributed Com error (event ID 10010) at wakeup followed 2 seconds later with a Dhcp-Client warning (event ID 1003). The Dhcp-Client (event ID1103) acquired an address 2 minutes later. Meanwhile toggling the EIS firewall allowed EIS to update manually.
  8. I uninstalled the Wireshark default uninstall options and the last one on the list (WinPcap) which I think was installed when Wireshark was installed. It Looks like Wireshark and WinPcap are both uninstalled. Nothing jumps out at me from the event logs around the times the Security Center was freezing but then I'm not very fluent in their use. EIS continues to hum along normally so I'm inclined to suspect Wireshark and/or WinPcap conflicts for the 3 types of errors I experienced that all had connection problems until the FW was reset or computer was restarted. I'm not knowledgeable enough to dig any deeper into pinning it down but can report EIS is operating and updating normally after uninstalling Wireshark and WinPcap. When I started having connection problems I was looking for something to replace the network activity monitor that I miss from Online Armor and tried a few suggestions from another thread. Should have uninstalled it as soon as I tried it and didn't like it. Thanks again.
  9. Took your analysis and took another look for any installed security software or uninstalled remnants. Couldn't find any but did stumble across Wireshark which I forgot was left installed after using it weeks ago. After uninstalling Wireshark EIS has been operating and updating normally for the last 16 hrs or so I'm thinking there may be some conflict with Wireshark. I'll take a look at the MBAM services and while I'm not very fluent in the Event Logs I'll see what I can find. Thank you for continuing to investigate. Great product - timely and thorough support - that's why I stick with Emsisoft. I'm hoping Wireshark on this system was the culprit.
  10. The freezing issue is the same as post #4. It occurs from time to time like the major protection error for no apparent reason when I double-click or right click the shield to open the Security Overview. The second set of debug logs captured the freezing fault. When the Security Overview freezes computer restart is necessary to resume normal EIS operation and cycling the EIS FW is necessary to connect to the update servers. For example with the system on all night, it happened again this morning when I double-clicked the shield to see why the last EIS update was 12 hours ago. The Security Overview window never opened fully - it was black with a spinning hourglass - requiring a computer restart. After restart the update log shows no entries between the last hourly autoupdate at 8:23 PM last night and the connection error after computer restart that clears after cycling the FW. Everything's working fine for now, but experience leads me to believe that in the next few hours one of the 3 failures (simple connection error, a2start freeze or major protection) I've been experiencing will occur. There is no other security software running on the system. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes are installed but not set to run. Windows Security Center confirms Windows Firewall is off and EIS in on. I think the FRST files confirm that if i understand what it does and how to read it. I appreciate all your help and the bug report and welcome any suggestions on how to get EIS back to normal on this system.
  11. I stayed in debug mode. EIS missed its scheduled hourly update at 4:47 pm. After opening the Security Center EIS turned orange and got stuck "iinitializing" when I tried to update manually and would not cancel. Closing and reopening the Security Center brought the update info back and got rid of the orange partial protection but the program stopped responding and had to be shut down with a computer restart. Logs(2).zip
  12. The first scheduled autoupdate after computer restart generated the internal processing error message. Here is the debug info. Logs.zip
  13. I actually set Malwarebytes to not run at startup after post #4 when I started getting the major protection error and was also trying to figure out why the shield was taking so long to appear after computer restart. I guess you guys did that with the d=60 in the EIS startup command. Yesterday EIS missed its scheduled update leading me to the major protection error when I tried to open the Security Center. After computer restart the initial autoupdate failed reporting a connection error in the update log. Cycling the firewall allowed a successful manual update at 2:29pm. EIS operated normally and updated hourly until 7:30pm when it reported the internal processing error. I cycled the firewall, updated manually and left the system on overnight. When I tried to open the Security Center at 9:42am to see why EIS had not updated overnight I found the major protection error. Another computer restart and cycling the firewall restored normal operation. I'll be happy to run the debug procedure and hope it helps untangle whatever's going on. Thanks again for continuing to work this.
  14. I've been keeping the system awake and avoiding sleep mode for the last few days to better understand what I was seeing. The application protection error from #10 has appeared 5 or 6 times as I tried to open the security center by double-clicking or right-clicking and selecting Security Overview from the tray icon. I discovered by accident that cycling protection between disable all and enable all generally restores normal operations without computer restart most of the time. If I have to restart the computer, EIS doesn't connect to the update servers until cycling the firewall manually or with disable/enable all protection. The internal processing error appears intermittently until I cycle protection or computer restart. When it appears it's usually after several hours of normal operation and autoupdates. I typically discover it as I notice EIS missed its scheduled hourly update. Thanks for continuing to work this. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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