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  1. Ok, I have now 'solved' the problem. I uninstalled Online Armor completely (including a good 'clear-out after the usual uninstall) and then did a clean install of OA. I choose the option to allow OA to do a 'check' of my computer and it found a few programs that it queried - but not Chrome. That finished and after all that everything seems just fine, including that Google Chrome will open and function without problem.l So, I've no idea what caused the initial problem, but it's solved with a clean install of Online Armor.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've now downloaded and installed Online Armor 5.5 However, the situation hasn't changed - Chrome is still being blocked by Online Armor and there is no information of why in the pages of OA. Any other ideas, please ?
  3. I have been using Online Armor without difficulty for some time. Also been using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. I recently decided to try out the Google Chrome browser and successfully downloaded and installed that Browser. However, as soon as I load the Chrome browser I get the screen with the words 'AW, Snap! which indicates that the browser has failed to get internet access. If I close Online Armor, the Chrome browser functions correctly and I can access all websites. So, the Chrome browser is obviously being blocked by Online Armor. I've looked at the various pages of Online Armor settings and I can see no mention of Chrome or anything like it. Further, I can't figure out how to change the settings to allow Chrome to get access to the internet. So, what do I have to do to allow Google Chrome to function normally and to get access to the internet ?? My Online Armor version is and it is fully up-to-date. Your assistance please.