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  1. Hi had a bit of trouble with this. First it couldn't access a file for iexplore.exe and I had to ignore for it carry on. It went on extracting until it came to doing Outfolders and then it jammed. When I tried to do it again it says the program is out of date and I need to download again.
  2. Sorry, I spoke to soon. It did the scan todya and it's back again. Please advise.
  3. Hi I have just done a scan after the last update and nothing was found. Eureka! Thank you.
  4. They have been removed or quarantined over and over but at each scan they are back again. When I look at the locations listed in the scan and then using microsoft search to find them, it says there is no such folder. So I am at a loss to explain why they keep recurring. Do you think I need to reinstall the program? Regards
  5. Hi no threats were found. This is becoming a bit of bore for you I bet. Regards
  6. Hi, me again, so sorry just running the scan again after a reboot and it still is finding the same 36 traces.
  7. Hi, Thank you for that. I have run combofix and here is the file you requested.
  8. Hi Anti-Malware has just done its regular scan and found the same ones again. I have attached the report. Thank you.
  9. Hi Thank you very much for this, I have attached the file as requested. Kind regards
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