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  1. I believe I am having some serious issues with the 5.0 update, about 2 weeks ago I started experiencing the following issues with my PC: -I leave my PC on overnight and most mornings when I wake up it is now frozen, not a hard lock as I can use numlock, and I can see what was on the screen when it was frozen (including the clock which also freezes) but Windows (XP) is completely inoperable. When I rebooted I would notice that the startup process for a2 would lag tremendously. -Embedded Youtube videos would freeze for a second at various points during playback and when I minimized from full screen my browser would lag terribly for a few seconds. By being very quick with task manager when the video starts lagging I would see that there was a spike in CPU usage for a2service.exe. Then recently I had a hard lockup (no numlock keys, sound looping) while watching one full screen. -My Outlook Express would not close properly, when I closed it it would linger on the screen for a few seconds and the process would not be removed from my task list even after the GUI closed. So I've spent the last few weeks doing hardware scans, disabling background processes, downgrading my versions of Flash and Java... to no avail. Then I started to suspect a2 due to the processor spike during Youtube playback and this was almost confirmed when I saw that the 5.0 update occurred right around when these problems started. I've since disabled a2 completely and the problems have vanished. Any ideas? At this point I would love to be able to just downgrade to an older version which I had no problems with.