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  1. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    well.... it seems that cleaning it up removed the virus
  2. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    As you can see in the log, avenger didnt found the files. I found it weird that he couldn't find it so i ran a fresh emsisoft scan to look where exact the infected files are. It showed the same place as the other times i scanned. I tried to find the files on my computer. I found the hosts.brb here:C:\_OTL\MovedFiles\03192013_200235\C_WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\etc........ is this the reason blitzbank and avenger couldnt find it? its a little diffrent location than what we put in the the script boxes. Strangely enough only hosts.brb was in this map. I couldnt find hosts.msn anywhere. On a side note because i ran a new emsisoft scan must i upload the log of that scan here too?
  3. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    sadly it gives the same error
  4. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    i tried to use blitzblank but when i clicked execute now, it showed a error: Syntax error in line 2, invalid line patch
  5. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    I hope this is the right one
  6. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    Ran the scan here is folder.
  7. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    When i tried to to run EEK i got a error and then EEK closed itself
  8. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    Ran the fix, here is the log. The virus is still on my computer
  9. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    Here is the log.
  10. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    I forgot to remove the old combofix.exe on my computer so i ran otc to remove it. After this i just downloaded combofix again, and made it scan my computer. Here is the log.
  11. I had 4 months earlier problems with this virus but after some help from here it went away. Well it looked that way, sadly it seems it is still on my computer. I have attached the report from otl and anti-malware only the the extra.txt i couldn't find. The people here have helped me greatly in the past and i hope you can help me again. Best Regards Joey
  12. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    I used the wrong words i meant that i experience no trouble with the virus, but it is still on my computer. Here are the logs.
  13. VirusTrojan.Qhost.

    Here is the log. My computer works fine, if i didnt use emsisoft scan then i wouldnt even know there was a virus on my computer.
  14. I have a virus and it would be great if you could help me remove it. This is sadly not my first experience with a virus/rootkit, i would like to know if there are good free firewalls avaible. I was a little to eager to remove the virus so i already did install combo-fix (i did not use it)Here are the logs. I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks
  15. My computer works fine again. Many thanks for helping me.