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  1. Sorry for the late update, but I'm busy with exams. As far as I can tell, the new driver solved the problem with Office and Media Player Classic. Thank you H_D! I tracked down the problem with the high CPU usage to a firefox addon (memory fox). So I put that on whitelist and now everything is running smoothly. thank you all for your help!
  2. I'm not talking about update alerts or something like that. Those have been disabled for a long time. It's the screen you get when a program does something it shouldn't. The ones where you choose block program etc. It happens when I run Word maximised, yes. But game mode does seem to help. Is game mode as safe as normal mode? I'll give the drivers a go later. I'm using a geforce 9600m GS 512mb (it's a laptop).
  3. Hi Lynx, thank you for your reply. I found a post of someone with a similar problem ( The problem was said to be an excessive amount of behavior blocker events and a report by debugview was asked. I have done the same, but how can I submit this report. Just mailing it to someone out of the blue seems a bit strange for me. It has happened with a game before and it is the exact same problem. However, as I haven't played a game since the new version came out, I can't comment on the game mode. But as I said in my previous post, it sometimes happens when I view a video with media player classic (k-lite codec pack) and near as makes no difference always when I use microsoft word. So I disable the guard while I use mpc or office, but that not really a good solution.
  4. Hi, I've been having some problems with the new version. Whenever i run firefox, a2service constantly uses 50% CPU, for as long is firefox is open. I've tried excluding firefox.exe but this doesn't help. Also, more of a problem than an annoyance, whenever I use a fullscreen application, anti-malware sometimes tries to give me an alert, but freezes my computer. I see it on the taskbar but there is a black space where the alert should be and the only option is a hard reset. so far it has happened occasionally with media player classic and almost always with word. This problem has been occuring with the previous version too. I'm running vista 32bit with online armor (and anvir task manager), no other live protection.