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  1. Shadow, Things seem to be running fine now. I tested my system restore and it works now. Emisoft Anti Malware is now updating and running to completion. I left my email open for a a few hours and no attack occurred. I think I will make our accounts that we log in with, non-admins, so a malicious program can't install. We can always go in as admin when we need to install something. Thanks for all your help! We really appreciate it! The Braytons.
  2. Thanks Shadow! I ran the ComboFix scan and tried to disable all of the firewalls and antivirus software. Attached is the log. Please let me know if there are more steps to be performed. Thanks for your help!
  3. Sorry for the delay. We have a new baby in the house so not a lot of time to do this. I followed your instructions. Here is the new log file. I'll keep my eye out on the rogue email attack issue and let you know if it comes back. I am noticing my Anti Malware is in a state of continual update and never finishes. It also gets hung up on scanning memory on a file called C:/Windows/System32/smss.exe. How can I fix my emisoft anti malware program?
  4. MY PC is infected and I need assistance. It's a virus that tries to open my thunder bird email with a false certificate and send spam out using my contacts list. Attached are the files requested in the starting point instructions. Please let me know what the next steps are. Thanks!
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