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  1. Well ShadowPuterDude, I was able to install both EAM and OA. While in the installation of EAM, it scanned my PC and found more mal-ware - see attached report - then I had it quarantine the entries then continue to run the install. Then when it was finished I had OA install and now both are running. What next steps do you propose or am I basically fixed at this time? I ask because I have left the other drives unplugged at this time as was not sure if I should allow them to be active again unless they have been cleared by the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10, or would you recommend otherwise? I ask b
  2. So, is there any more steps at this point? Or do I just try to install EAM & OA and go forward? Just checking.
  3. Action Completed - was done while MBAM was disabled. I will reenable it now that I've completed the scan. Log is attached.
  4. Quick Queston, while doing these things, I am assuming that disabling MBAM would be optimal, am I making a correct assumption?
  5. Okay, I am running the KasperskyRescueDisk10 (what a mouthful, let's call it KRD), on the partial copy of my original drive (J: referenced a few posts above as 747) and will see how that goes. When I tried it before it stalled on a *.bin file - it stayed on it for 1 hour or so. Regardless, I have done as you suggested on my main drive C: and removed the java exploits and left the System Restore infected file alone. I have attached the report. You will note on the report that the first scan was not completed, that was when I noticed that the scan had stalled on the particular file on my J: dr
  6. Well, my IT friend got it burned to a CD. I ran the program and here are the results. I had it scan my other drives, but it stalled out. I got the report on the C drive though as it had completed it and was onto another of my drives. I know I should not have done the scan on the others at this point. I feel rather dumb for selecting it, but I could just rerun the scan only on the C drive if you think that might be better. I also wonder, do you think I should run the scan again on the C drive with the security level set at default or do you think I should run it again with the security level
  7. I am trying to find some one I know who has a 'for certain' 'clean PC' and that is not as many of my contacts as I would like. I also do not know that my other friends have good habits on cleaning their systems or protecting them, so I am waiting on an IT friend to see if he can burn the iso to a CD/DVD. We had tried to do so earlier this evening on a laptop of his at a site he was at here in my town and there were errors received when we tried to burn the iso to a DVD. We first tried to burn using Win7, but it would not complete due to some error. We thought that since it does not allow for
  8. What *.iso file? Nothing in your post, that I can see indicates an ISO file to download? Please confirm? Very puzzled. Edit - AH!!! Did you mean the iso from Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10? Or some other iso file?
  9. Oh, new wrinkle in my debacle. I tried to install EAM/OA via the combined EAM/OA download package, but when I try to install it, it tells me that I have it installed on my PC and I know that I do not. I need more help in order to install the package. Here is how it stands currently (hopefully this makes sense): 1-My old main physical HDD (let's call it OMD) where I had EAM/OA installed, started having problems in September. 2-My setup was a complete WinXP-Pro SP3 32-bit 3-To limp along while I explored differing recovery of file/data possibilities, I took the OMD drive out and replaced it
  10. Okay, I will do the following: 1-Reinstall EAM 2-Reinstall OA 3-Run updates on both 4-Then I will verify that I can change my settings 5-Then I will run the OTL scan and attach it Is this the process you'd recommend?
  11. Well, I have done as instructed. So far I do not notice much of a difference as there really was not a big issue, except for the lack of being able to engage the Surf Protection and Behavior Blocker. Should i look at re-installing it then installing OA as well and remove MBAM? Other than that where should I go from here? Also, before I forget......... Thank You ShadowPuterDude
  12. Attached are the files requested in the Start Here section. Also, just so you know, I am running Emsisoft Anti-Malware It currently indicates that my Surf Protection and Behavior Blocker are 'off' and when I try to go in and select them as active, the selection will not take.
  13. I am wondering if there are any plans to release a version of EMSI that will work on the Android platform so that we can have good phone protection as they are really much like mini PCs? I personally use a Samsung Vibrant - T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy S phone - and want it to be safer than it likely is right now. After all those apps that are so free and available, can potentially do real harm. If I have missed out on such a post previously I apologize. Best Regards, RudeRedDog
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