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  1. It was able to boot before running chkdsk. I do have a XP CD
  2. As I received numerous messages that I needed to run chkdsk, I ran chkdsk. The disk was cleaned up, and now it won't boot past the message that says the disk is clean.
  3. Anti-virus was turned off, however I believe McAfee may have come back on after ComboFix rebooted the system. Should I run it again? I did get a message that rootkit.ZeroAccess had inserted itself into the tcp/ip stack, and also that rootkit was detected. I will run TDSSKiller.
  4. ComboFixtook hours to run, and there were numerous error messages, including that the system could not find the file NIRKMD,and numerous files were corrupt and unreadable. It finally came to the window stating that a report was being prepared,but then it froze and no report was created.
  5. Here are the reports. Also, received error report that C:\$mft is corrupt
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