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  1. Just updated to beta and updates problems are gone, thanks guys!
  2. Installed beta and still have to disable the firewall to update EIS...
  3. I'd like to add that my EIS license is due in about two months and I'm seriously considering to another product right now. This is frankly unacceptable...
  4. Good morning. Can we expect to get a fix for the updates not working soon, please? Having to disable the firewall to get updates seems an important bug to me. Thanks in advance and best regards, François
  5. Good morning. Got the update yesterday night, and the french language disappeared from the language packs! Please put it back! Best regards, François
  6. Thanks for your help, but I already installed something else. Best regards, François
  7. Good morning. I understand this is not a critical bug, but any news on this issue, please? Best regards, François
  8. Hi again. Did that and saved the logs. (had to reboot in safe mode to zip them) Here's the link for the logs: http://rapidshare.com/files/2990786955/Logs.zip Thanks! François
  9. Thanks. I'll be back on the matter during the week-end. Best regards, François
  10. Hi. Running OA 6 (latest release) in limited free mode. Furthermore I've disabled the HIPS components so I'm running the Firewall only. Tonight, before installing two software updates, I disabled the Firewall from the right click menu of the tray icon. The check box disappeared from the side of Firewall, but the icon didn't change to alert me OA was disabled. (since the only component running had just been turned off) Seems a small bug to me. Or at worst the program may offer a choice of delays to have the FW automatically back on again. (15min, one hour, manual, until reboot)
  11. Thanks Christian. This is the german site. The installation file is the same I'd get on the french site? Thanks again! François
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