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  1. Thanks Arthur, that action seems to have solved the problem! Cheers, Laudel
  2. Constanly receiving the above message although I have given permissions to trust this program. Can any advise why this is happening and where I should look in the status bar to track down the source of this problem?
  3. Thanks guys, I've already installed both EAM & OA but deactivated the latter due to incombatability issues with my existing Zone Alarm firewall. It's clear then that it's not necessary to run both EAM & ZA together. Just needed to hear it from the experts.
  4. Just read the artcle about the difference between anti-virus and anti-malware sotware and would like to know if the Emsisoft Anti-Malware package offers a complete solution which would enable me to discontinue using my current anti-virus program, Zone Alarm Security Suite.
  5. OK Stapp, thanks for the info. I'll disable the ZA firewall to see if that makes a difference. Laudel
  6. Thanks for that Fabian. Stapp, the OA version is The program window is empty with the exception of one item which is ticked green and the Zone Alarm firewall is active. Thanks, Laurence
  7. Hi guys, As a new user I'm experiencing a drastic slowdown of almost all processes since I activated OA. Startup and close down times are extended and what's more aggravating is that on opening programs there is always a delay (sometimes minutes) before they activate. Whilst I appreciate the level of protection that OA provides it does seem to be too invasive. As a pro photographer my workflow is reasonably streamlined but if I want to open Photoshop or print out from Photoshop to an HP printer then the pc hangs minutes long before the programs fire into action. Because of this I want to disable program protection but cannot find any way to do this in the OA status window. Can anybody help on this issue?