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  1. AW, I did go to that link. When I tried to install it said a version was already installed and wouldn't install over it. Told me to uninstall, which I did with Windows uninstall, and reboot. Did same, solved problem. This was probably the problem originally but the ver from Emsis site did not idicate it would not install over itself and if it did attempt to uninstall as part of the install process it apparently didn't take. Thanks for the help. Glad to have this utility up and running again. It found nothing during the install deep scan, alway a good feeling. Thanks, Dan
  2. I ran this utliity in case it would be helpful. I was able to install the new freeware mode version and then ran a deep scan which found no problems. Now when I either click on the desktop shortcut or go through "Start, All Programs," to run or open the program, I still get the Install splash screen as if I still haven't installed the program. It wants me to do the install from the top all over again. Any suggestions. Dan
  3. I have sent a previous mail but have now opened an account and attached the Clean file using your system in case the Yhaoo attach didn't work. All the sys info is in my account and in the previous mail also. Let me now if I need to key it all into another mail. I supposed right. The "More Reply Options" button was only there if you had an account and were posting directly through the forum. You won't need to send that seeing eye dog after all. Dan
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