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  1. Heartbleed test - Which services are or have been exposed: (10 000 sites) Change passwords for sites such as: - Facebook, - Twitter, - Yahoo, - Tumblr, - Google, They're safe because they loaded a patch, but always worth it to change your password.
  2. Google has nothing to do with that he bought it, and everyone uses this to what you need, here you can see that there is something wrong with the scanner Emsisoft in the VT, the rest is as it should, you can afford a scan on Jotti and many others, always I knew that VT is not a "guru" and you can not believe him 100% but the other hunters see it differently ..... is they now have a beautiful example .... greet doubters
  3. What configuration program? simple or advanced mode? If advanced - set it to simple mode, reboot and check again. For me, the Windows 8 64 bit - no problems and nothing even not added to the exclusion list.