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  1. Thanks a lot Mr.Wilkinson Today, I see your last comment. I think the problem solved. but i don't know which one is the best and help us to do the cure. (I want to know if the procedure - follow the threat step by step in this topic is useful for your anti malware database?)
  2. I think we do that in the post # ( see the attachment) do you mean that i should run it again ?
  3. yes,I do it. but it can not find them,until i open these folders manually
  4. ok. Thanks again Mr Wilkinson. It's seems that there is no clear solution for this type of threat. I delete these files manually. I also search a phrase exe.exe in the search box and let the system to find them, during the search, the NOD32 show a notification about win32/VB.OCR worm.
  5. The kaspersky find nothing. now the avira is running...
  6. The scan started from 10 hours ago and lock on 61% . I cannot get any result from Dr.Web, so i take some pictures. would you please tell me what is the Final solution ? we should test and test and test the most famous anti viruse? I think we should put the labtop in the garbage!
  7. ok. Iam downloading the software and let me try it. I know how to write it as a bootable cd.
  8. I preffer follow your methods than re-install the windows. here, i attach the FSS.txt.
  9. unfortunately, it does not work properly. After a few minute some of the programs like windows media player, mozilla,IE and ... are stop working and show the message : Not responding then I should shutdown manually. I don not know how to get information from registry. Are you agree with me about change the OS now? (restore the First backup)
  10. Dear Mr Wilkinson I think the problem maybe solved, because the performance of my system seems to be ok. and running again the NOD32 and Emsisoft show no threats (even the high risk- Trojan.Alureon!E2) let me test my system and report the final result. Thanks.
  11. I forgot to send you the report of GMER program in the last post.(see the attachment please) ************ After turning off the other Anti viruse and malware, I run TDSSKiller again, but no infected file has report. .