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  1. I did and everything is working fine. I sent you one last question, but this topic is resolved and can be closed. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Thank you, Phew, I was about to give up. I'm glad I gave it one more try. email sent.
  3. Finally I've connected to someone! I will wait to hear. Thank you very much!
  4. I have to say at this point I am extremely disappointed in the support I've received. I had another issue which I sought support in the forums for and over a week with no reply gave up. This is my last attempt to resolve my renewal issue. I tried to renew Online Armor a number of times before my license expired. I kept getting a message that my renewal was denied a from Cleverbridge. I contacted my credit card, They said no transaction was attempted, it was not their end. I tried contacting Cleverbridge support. I received no reply. I continued trying to renew even after the expiry da
  5. Online Armor premium on three PCs. Specs on the computer I'm having problems with: Online Armor Premium OS WinXP pro SP3 AV Currently none. NOD32 expired and uninstalled. Tried F-secure and uninstalled. Will be installing something soon. I use a paid VPN service. For the record I have two WinXP machines and one win7 machine which Is going to replace the oldest WinXP machine. I had the same problem on both XP machines, but the one that is getting retired responded when I set it update manually. My problem began a little over a month ago: My VPN kept disconnecting and rec
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