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  1. Hi EAM Can't remove Trojan.Win32.Farfli (A) !!!
  2. Hello My position : Progress Emsisoft company = Eliminate weaknesses + Reinforce strengths
  3. Hi Why does just this EAM add 30,000-50,000 new types of malware every day? Why other AVs ( Kaspersky , Trendmicro , Symantec , Eset , ... ) with same power of detection don't have this update size like EAM?
  4. Hi Unfortunately, The problem still remains In
  5. Hello Sent screenshots to your email Thanks
  6. Hello. when I register multi-user license (like 3 or 5) to EAM, there was the manage panel and I can see all licenses. But now, there weren't any panel !!! this issue is in License Center too..
  7. Why did amount of update increase during last month!? Before, amount of update was between 5-8 MB during 24 hours but recently, it was 15-30 MB !!!
  8. Hi https://www.virustotal.com/file/7ba07cb0a65c12f13a2c1a17ae508af01ee3092c30a92cea45b4240c9a3e43a6/analysis/1357740486/
  9. Hi The problem still remains In :( I hope the problem have been solved.
  10. Hi when installing the application , Online Armor has asked over 100 times :mad:
  11. hi Some antivirus offline updates are enabled but EAM only online updates . This feature is very convenient for times when there is no Internet access.
  12. Hi. 1) Do all software with signature are safe and health? 2) Does occur problem in security when the "automatically trust programs signed with valid digital signatures" option is active?
  13. This problem has been fixed in version
  14. Hi Thank you so much No so I have to use Emsisoft Emergency Kit for cleaning and removing ( virus ) of HDD and then install the EAM. Is it right?
  15. Hi Protect Itself! I have faced to this issue for many times that the EAM can't protect itself. When the EAM installs on systems that so infected with malware, the files of the EAM are corrupted and the EAM doesn't work anyway. during these following stages, what guard protect from the EAM's files? Suggestion: the EAM needs a powerful guard for protection at the first of the installation and configuration.
  16. Windows version XP 32-bit or 64-bit Edition of Windows 32Bit Latest Service Pack installed SP3 Any anti-virus software installed Only EAM Any firewall software installed No firewall , firewall Win is trun off Any anti-spyware software installed Nothing Any other security software, system settings protection software, etc. Nothing What type of drive the infected file was on (SATA Internal Hard Drive, IDE Internal Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, Windows Network Share, etc) SATA Internal Hard Drive Was the file detected by the File Guard or while running a scan? running a scan
  17. Hi EAM Can't remove this malware !!!! Why ?? <link removed> pass : 1 Comodo Antivirus can repair this malware Download comodo video http://up.sadedel.net/files/get/WsQCIRgHPo/2012-11-28-22-09-59.rar
  18. Hi https://www.virustot...sis/1354217796/
  19. why some AVs such as Kaspersky and Avast doesn't determine this keygen as a malicious?
  20. Hi. Dear Arthur, thanks a million for your exact reply :)
  21. Thank you for your reply. this issue occurred just twice for me and didn't occur anytime.
  22. hi Hi. Is this part (red line) depends to solve this issue?
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