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  1. Hi xman68,


    I don't want to be a RUDE poster but U seem to have MANY complaints about the Emsisoft software and post about many other software products which you deem superior in so many ways, why do you continue to use the Emsisoft product EAM when you seem to find it inferior in so many posts and other products better?  I wonder, can you explain your position?


    My position : Progress Emsisoft company = Eliminate weaknesses + Reinforce strengths

  2. Hi



    Protect Itself!



    I have faced to this issue for many times that the EAM can't protect itself.  When the EAM installs on systems that so infected with malware, the files of the EAM are corrupted and the EAM doesn't work anyway. 


    during these following stages, what guard protect from the EAM's files?




    Suggestion: the EAM needs a powerful guard for protection at the first of the installation and configuration.



    • Windows version XP
    • 32-bit or 64-bit Edition of Windows 32Bit
    • Latest Service Pack installed SP3
    • Any anti-virus software installed Only EAM
    • Any firewall software installed No firewall , firewall Win is trun off
    • Any anti-spyware software installed Nothing
    • Any other security software, system settings protection software, etc. Nothing
    • What type of drive the infected file was on (SATA Internal Hard Drive, IDE Internal Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, Windows Network Share, etc) SATA Internal Hard Drive
    • Was the file detected by the File Guard or while running a scan? running a scan

  3. hi

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware with BETA updates enabled:

    • Improved restauration of modified registry values during cleaning.
    • Problem with multiple reloading of signatures after online update – fixed.
    • Crash when database location is changed – fixed.
    • Scanned objects counter shows wrong number in Commandline Scanner – fixed.
    • Added security measures to prevent a settings reset in case of a crash.
    • Several minor bugfixes in Outlook plugins.


    Is this part (red line) depends to solve this issue?

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