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  1. Hi How to remove malware in green box without remove malware in red box ??? EAM should submit separate report for each malware in scanner
  2. Hi In beta update Internal modifications of update system (closing GUI doesn’t break updates anymore). when the EAM is updating automatically, if the update page open and then close and again open for twice, the update break!!
  3. When I use connection setting for updating the EAM and active "proxy server". why the EAM gets update data from Internet??!!!!
  4. Hi. Did they find issue, basically? because I need some information about this issue. Thank you.
  5. Hi Mr Wilkinson This problem was solved in the update ??
  6. hi In my system First time : Smart scan with EAM = No malware Second time :Deep scan with EAM = 110 malware Third time : Deep scan with EAM = 107 Malware Fourth time : Deep scan with EAM = No Malware some question : 1- Why EAM cannot be cleared in second time ( first deep scan ) ? 2- How many scan need for Cleaning System with EAM ??
  7. hi I send 4 logs to you ( personal massage ). I hope the problem have been solved. . thanks a million
  8. Please tell me about this in detail. If I want to run the update proxy automatically after running windows, what I do to do? 1) How to adjust port in firewall? 2) Can I off the firewall for this issue?
  9. Does it happen once time or will happen many times in the feuture ???
  10. Hi. There are some problems in running of "a2updateproxy.exe": I did following: In the sever: 1-Rename the config file "a2updateproxy_default.ini" to "a2updateproxy.ini" 2-Run the a2updateproxy.exe When we doubled click on "a2updateproxy.exe", its page opened and didn't close any way. Why??? In the Clinet: 1- I started Anti-Malware and then went to the updater settings and opened the connection settings after that, activated the "Use proxy" checkbox and entered my proxy IP and port number in the fields. 2- Clicked to update When I adjusted the EAM for updating from update proxy, it didn't connect to server!! Why??
  11. Unfortunately, I don't have the log. but every when this issue happen again, I will send you the log
  12. Hi. A few days ago, some problems happened for my EAM. This problem also happened for other users. In this problem, the EAM doesn't able to turn on its guards. It should be mentioned that my system has been safe and virus free. The EAM is weak in guarding itself. In my opinion, the EAM must provide own security in order to provide security of systems of users. This issue solves by install the EAM again. Hoping to solve this issue in my favorite program. your sincerely Mohammad
  13. Hi. Is the "update proxy" just for server and client ? I use a ordinary network in my office and update proxy but doesn't work !!!
  14. Hi. We want to use the update proxy and there are some problems: 1) When we adjust the EAM for updating from update proxy, it does no connect to server and update via Internet (online). 2) When we double click on "a2updateproxy.exe", its page open and doesn't close any way. Why??? Please tell me complete information for using the update proxy. Thank you for your attention. sechili
  15. Hi Mr Wilkinson , This problem was solved ? The problem still remains for me .
  16. I do not know where the file from. In fact, that file was in a personal lap top which remove by KAV.
  17. Unfortunately, I couldn't copy, upload and delete that file. but, KAV could remove that.
  18. Hello. another case: The EAM detect a malware in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\regserv.exe" but the EAM couldn't remove it. Kaspersky detect a malware in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\regserv.exe" and removed it, easily. Why the EAM couldn't remove that? In my point of view, the EAM doesn't any ability for removing the malware!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Hello. I did a comparison between Kasoersky 2013 and EAM 7. Loading software: Loading EAM: slow, in strong system takes 2-3 second and in weak system takes 10 s and in Safe mode sate takes 2 min. Loading Kaspersky: fast, in all system takes less 1s!! (also I had same manner in Eset Nod32) Scan System: Scan system EAM: EAM doesn't have any scanner window. and users have to open the EAM for each scan (even for explorer scan). having scanner window causes faster for EAM. Scan system kaspersky: for each scan we have a new window and so faster. and it window is speared from KAV. Update System: Update system EAM: there are two problem: 1) when the EAM is updating, if user close the window update, the process of update will stop. 2) when the EAM is updating automatically, if user open the window update, the process of update will start again. Update system Kaspersky: when the KAV is updating, just if you press stop bottom, the process of update will stop. We hope that in future version you will consider strong capacities for the EAM. Thank you Best Wishes Mohammad
  20. There is a Bug in Whitelist of EAM 7 video bug when I put a file in the whitelist, file guard of EAM warms. while, you know that whitelist's files are free to do everything.
  21. Hello What does this mean? update 196% ???!!!!!! Win 7 SP1 32BIt EAM
  22. Hi Unfortunately, The problem still remains
  23. OK, you are right. But previously, we tried to update other AVs such as Kaspersky, Nod32, Bitdefender, Avira and Norton with this Internet connection and all of them got license successfully. Why other AVs could update and got license with this Internet connection and the EAM couldn't ???
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