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  1. As I said before, this problem is both version 6 and 7, Independently. if this problem related to Internet connection, how can I solve this issue? especial for following issue:
  2. hi Two Question : EAM Can Remove Malware In USB Disk In Windows Boot process ??? And EAM Can Remove Malware In Write protected USB Disk ???
  3. Hi Unfortunately , This Problem Sloved By Scan Nod 32 And My USB Disk Is Cleaned Now If This Problem repeat in the future , I'll follow Up
  4. hi In Update This Problem Is Solved thanks
  5. Scan With EAM And EAM Dont Deleted , Then Scan With Nod 32 , Deleted Easily
  6. hello Scan My USB Disk With EAM But EAM Dosnt Clean Virus In USB Disk , EAM Order by Restart System EAM Was not able to clean Virus after the restart. But Nod32 AntiVirus Clean Virus In USB Disk Easily
  7. Hello When Release New Version Of Emergency Kit With Bitdefender Engine ??
  8. Hi Please watch this Video http://up.sadedel.net/files/get/wpx28QoERh/emsisoft-bug-update.wmv
  9. if nothing is installed , Why change Malware Signature ??? And Why EAM Said : Currently, Anti-Malware is fully up-to-date for optimal performance.?? In My Video
  10. This problem is both version 6 and 7, Independently. In last week, this problem occurred several times. However, does it problem related to the EAM or no?
  11. as I have shown in the video, update did successfully but there was no change in last update time!!!
  12. Hello Please watch this video Why do not change time update in EAM? http://up.sadedel.net/files/get/lAWOImi7eN/emsisoft-auto-update-off.wmv http://up.sadedel.net/files/get/Ui6VmG0TKW/emsisoft-auto-update-on.wmv
  13. Dear supporter, Hello. Would you please tell me about "banking Mode" ? When I activate this option, the Internet connection will disconnect!!! Why??? Thanking in advanced
  14. you are right. So problem in Internet connection caused this problem. now my question is, why did the problem in Internet connection remove the EAM? This is a boring problem for our users. Because their EAMs have removed and they have to adjust their EAMs again!!! Anyway, I hope you solve this problem. Thanks for Your great support
  15. I mean that, when we select the 30-day trial option, the EAM connect to your servers and gets license successfully. So there is no problem in Internet connection!! if there are problems in Internet connection, the EAM mustn't get license and updated. Am I right ???
  16. I have a question from you: I want to transfer just the Coat.dll.dat file to the whitelist. How can I do that?
  17. As you know when the Internet connection has problem, the Emsisoft Anti-Malware was unable to get license information from your license servers. So the EAM must to close three Guard. Why the program is removed, when this problem occurs? In my vedio (I send you previous post), the EAM recive 30 days license and updated very well. In point of my view, this problem doesn't relate to Internet connection problem!!
  18. happening on Xp Sp 3 ( English . Persian Version ) , 7 Sp1 ( English . Persian Version )
  19. Thank you for your reply. In fact, it happened just one time for each users and I haven't received any reports that this problem has been occurred two times, yet.
  20. Thank you for your reply. you are right but all of anti-virus software able to do multi scan at the same time. I think this is good option because most of famous companies (such as Symantec, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Eset, etc) put this option in their software. Best regards xman68
  21. Some of my colleagues and I have been used Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM) for a few months. At this time, we were faced with a problem. The problem have been occurred in two ways: When installing the EAM: When we install the setup wizard, the EAM doesn't work (it means the EAM doesn't appear in startup) and we have to reapet install the setup wizard.(see video in attached files) When usining the EAM: Some users have reported that after long time using the EAM, the EAM didn't apear in startup (when they turn on or restart the computers). When they tried to use the EAM, the setup wizard opend and they had to install it again for running the EAM. We hoped to solve this problem in version 7. But today I received another report of this problem. I send you a video about this problem and also its logs. You can see them in attached files. I hope that you check this problem and solve it. Thank you so very much for your attention. Best regards Xman68 Video : http://sadedel.net/Emsisoft%20Bug.avi
  22. Yes. sometimes we need to runing more than one scan at the same time.
  23. hi Why Emsisoft Antimalware Cant Multi Scan ?? All Anti Virus can Multi Scan ??? it is Foible by Emsisoft Antimalware?
  24. bug in whitelist in Emsisoft 6 & 7 after scan by right click on the Malware name, we can add Malware Type (Instead malware file) to white list ! but Should Send Malware File to Whitelist !!!
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