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  1. I know Kaspersky has an option to release resources to other applications - just wondered if EAM has something similar.
  2. Quad Core E6600 / 8GB Ram - I do have MalwareBytes installed but even if I disable this I get the high CPU usage. I did have a search on the internet and there is a reference to high CPU usage here - it seems it might be just during on demand scans. Is there any way to limit the resources used in any way even if it were to increase the length of time for a scan? John
  3. I've just started the trial of EAM and although I like the program I'm having a problem with CPU usage hitting bewtween 90% and 100% during scans which causes the PC to be pretty much unusable during scans. Is this normal or is there something I've missed? Win 7 64bit. Thanks in advance.