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  1. so whats the u? the name is just combofix so i type AvoidTDSS /combofix /combofix? meaning u replaces the name of combofix i gave to it? i totally dont understand anything about your post
  2. i dont understand what do i type in the start -> run and then what do i type? "AvoidTDSS /u or combofix /u"?
  3. they are running good i dont have problems or anything. does it mean my computer is fixed now? no malware or trojans?
  4. Ok the one OTL.text file was too big so i compressed it and there is no extras.txt no matter how many times i scan it
  5. i did it but there is only one text file that is created called OTL.text there is nothing like Extras.txt idk why and when i try to attatch the OTL.txt it says the file was too big
  6. Ok right after the windows loaded i pressed alt+ctrl+delete and ended tast for security tool and ran combo fix im attatching the log please tell me what to do before something else gets in my computer like last time.
  7. im scared i read all about the security tool and it can steal my identity information sociacl security and credit card numbers and such i need to get rid of this how?!?!?!? it wont let me run combofix. there is that website that claims if i download some spyware doctor it will remove the security tool but im not sure what if it makes it worse?
  8. it doesnt work every time i turn it off and on the security tool opens and my icons vanish and when i try to run combofix it wont let me it says its infected and closes it immediately
  9. there is a weird program that i have never installed on my computer that is called security tool and it tell me my stuff is infected i think its bullshit im freaking out i thought it was all good what happened?
  10. it was all fine till like an hour ago i cant cun the OTL.exe it says its infected like the othe rprogram WTF is this happening again?? i thought it was ok now its even worse
  11. i dont know what happened my screen went blue and all icons from the destop vanished i dont know how to find the OTL
  12. ok here they are, thanks for helping me so far
  13. idk what it is when i want to open it there is a yellow cloud information in the right lower corner of the tab where the sound settings are and printers and update infos, it opens the cloud and says the file cant be opened because its infected.
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