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  1. Win 7 64 bit + EAM + OA Premium + Ad Muncher Premium Beta Build 33116 + IE9 64 bit: no problem!!!
  2. OA premium 5.5 with Emule and Utorrent.....solved very easily without wasting time creating rules and more..... I have added Emule and utorrent in the "exclusions" menu of OA: ---->Option--->exclusion:then add the program path in pc and select the entire directory of program. First, however, remove all rules created earlier by OA for Utorrent:including open ports.
  3. Thanks for reply Thomas Ott. With your suggestion now seem operations centre works well: 4 reboot and the flag status is white.Actually the red cross appears, takes a few seconds but then disappears.
  4. When the PC starts, the operations center to win 7x64 SP1 notes that EAM is not enabled: instead EAM is fully activated.Try to disable windows defender,but same thing.There seems to be some communication problems between EAM and the operations center. I use EAM with OA premium.
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