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  1. hi we tried, downloaded onto an external cd drive as mine doesn't have one, unfortunately the process was unsuccessful. i've taken pc to a shop now for repair - was becoming impossible to fix with no internet access and couldn't cope with another late night. Thanks for you help, fingers crossed it gets fixed.
  2. i have access to another computer with cd burner. fyi microsoft scan is complete.All items recommended action successfull except trojan win32/ramnit status states not found. will now run malwarebytes.
  3. scan is still running and will be for a while i suspect. Normally when scan runs, any findings show at end of scan. THis time a few mins into scan i started getting windows flashing up on the bottom right panel telling me items had been found and asking me to clean cimputer / remove etc. is this normal while scan is in progress? Still no internet access.
  4. hi arthur having a real problem here. even though i'd turned off microsoft securuty essentials, a few mins ago, it flashed upthat it had detected a problem and i should cle ian computer so i did. found trogan win32/ramnit. told me to reboot and run full scan to mke sur clean. i haven,t yet, wanted to check with you first. tried to go onto forum, can't get online at all. Sending this from mobile phone, pls excuse typos
  5. Hi ran the malwarebytes antimalware found lots of nasty stuff which i deleted/removed. Pls find attached log
  6. Ran combo-fix again. Worked this time, see attached log. Thanks.
  7. Ran Combo-fix but didn't finish successfully. Ran full check and rebooted but didn't come back after reboot. Stopped on Welcome screen and stayed there. I waited for 15 mins and nothing happened, so had to turn off computer and restart. Shall i try again or is this a symptom or some other problem? Obviously no log came up.
  8. Here are the contents of the log: Platform: Windows XP ******************* Script file opened successfully. Script file read successfully. Backups directory opened successfully at C:\Avenger ******************* Beginning to process script file: Rootkit scan active. No rootkits found! Folder "c:\documents and settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Application Data\dbwsqsdv" deleted successfully. Completed script processing. ******************* Finished! Terminate.
  9. Sorry for the delay, another lengthy scan, here are the results.
  10. Deleted McAfee now getting new message "Current date is 2012-03-01 Combofix has expired. Click yes to run in reduced functionality mode, click no to exit
  11. Hi tring to run combofix after following other instructions. It is telling me to close McAfee or it might affect results, harm computer. I have no access to McAfee at present, have tried to open every which way - no reponse - shall i run anyway?
  12. Hi Followed instructions. Please find attached new log. Thanks.
  13. Finally ran Combofix, took a long time and whilst running the following message flashed up about 40 times "Windows cannot find 'NIRKMD' . Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click search" Don't know if this has any relevance as combofix appears to have run successfully but i though i'd better make note just in case of future issues. I've attached log for Combofix, will check in again tomorrow. Thanks.
  14. Ran TDSSKiller it found a rootkit. Followed instructions to cure. Ran again after reboot to double check - all clear. Computer still displaying same symptoms though. Microsoft security essentials still won't update, can't access help page; McAfee still inactive