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  1. I did the scan it said no threats found....looks like i'm good to go. I appreciate your help guys, thank you very much
  2. Log is attached. No sign of the pop up still. What do you think? Am I clear to go?
  3. The file is attached. As of right now the pop up has disappeared and the ebay site works fine, but I did read from someone elses thread that it kept coming back. So I am not sure if the problem is fixed yet. The 2 PDF files 02-09-2012.pdf and 01-10-2012.pdf are copies of my credit card statement straight off of the Citi web site, so I would rather not upload them and I highly doubt they are infected. Let me know, thank y uo
  4. I came across this site through Google when I found someone else had posted here with the same exact problem. Whenever typing in any ebay search box and pressing search, a pop up appears asking for CC info and ATM pin. All the fields are required and the only way to get out is to press back or open a new tab. This happens with both IE and Mozilla. It is not an issue with them as the site works fine from any other computer that I used. Attached are the files you have asked for... please help.. thank you
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