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  1. Good news!!! I think, so far...I managed to download never version of Emsisoft programs from a memory stick, install and even update.I still have a lot of repair work to do but at least I am in control. Thanks!
  2. Yes I am, but I have limited access to make changes or access files. It seems to be some SamSs user current/creator
  3. I have a Emsisoft programs on a memory stick. I am running Hijack free. Do you want me to post the Analysis address?
  4. Hard to start in a safe mode. It goes to startup repair. I am working on it.
  5. I opened both programs as an administrator and ran. Before getting any logs computer rebooted. Online Armour (which was turned off when I ran programs) asks after reboot if a program (one part of the file name was Combofix) was ok to access. I don't know if it was a ok move to allow, meaning either combofix updated or it was altered. I blocked it. Sorry no logs.
  6. I have tried, but it does not change anything. I can only save it on users/downloads. On Gmer and users I can see users I don't recognize. Creator/owner seems to be the one that has access to everything. Unknown user names pop up sometimes and disappear almost immediately before I can click on them.
  7. I can't save it to the root. I don't seem to have the privileges. I saved where I could, which was on user/downloads. Only 3 boxes were check and I could not check more. I will continue tomorrow my fight against these monstrous viruses. Thanks!
  8. No success, the virus creates another parent folder for rkill. A temp\user folder has RarSFX1 or what ever number. Other folders such as Nird, h are also present. I managed to install Online Armour and it has been blocking with success. When trying to update Emsisoft Anti Malware I get: " could not connect to the update server. Even my wireless connection stopped working.
  9. I will run the programs next. The Emsisoft Anti malware completed without finding anything. I could not update the program and did not have the latest definitions. I am attaching earlier and later Fiddler files.
  10. I was not able to save or download. I received a message that it could harm my computer. I have deleted Avast and Avast fakes couple of times but the fake one keeps on coming back. At the moment I am actually running the Emsisoft Anti-malware. I was able to do so after previously following the instruction for Fiddler found in another topic. I have saved logs on the Malware infected computer. I keep my finger crossed that the Emsisoft Antimalware scan will be a success. Thank you for all the help so far. The history of events: Previously the real Avast stopped being connected to any account, I could not enter account information or anything and it would not update virus definitions. After deleting Avast I found another with slightly different file name. I was able to delete after running Hijack this. After Hijack this I did run Combofix and after combofix I was able to run Emsisoft Emergency kit. It was deep scanning for ever and found quite a few trojans. I tried to install Emsisoft Malware but it would not install and I joined the forum.
  11. Excellent instructions. I have attached the report.
  12. My computer has been taken over by Malware, other users and administrators. Can't even install Emsisoft, since internet connection has been altered.