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  1. Yes I am sure that I don't have addons or toolbars for Mininova.org
  2. Hi Scottls1, not sure what this is in your post : I also whitelisted the Process everything.exe in EAM. ? Unload file when Not In Use (only takes a 4sec seconds to build a whole new file- 65gigs All my HD's). Reboot or this:What does unload file mean, which file ? Update: I typed Mininova in the search window, but it didn't list any file with that name, so I'm no wiser as to what is trying to open a connection to mininova.org ?
  3. Sorry Christian, I don't have the Plug in you mentioned, I don't want to allow this connection, as I said in my post I want to permanently stop this attempt at a connection , but I don't know what is causing the attempt in the first place.You seem to have misread my post
  4. I have a problem when I start my Firefox Browser, Emsisoft Guard informs me that a suspicious connection attempt to www.mininova.com has been bocked, this happens everytime I open my browser. How can I permanently stop this from happening or in other words how do I delete whatever is causing this to happen ? I have already re-set my Hosts file so I don't know how this connection attempt is being made, Any help will be much apreciated.
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