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  1. The top three rows were all un-checked?. that's been my point? why are they not all checked by Default?. I never bothered to fool with them because the Only notification I want is to my posts. anyways just thought it might be of interest ;-)
  2. Ok TY. always wondered about that. still receive a large number of pop-up's, I've been screaming at Emsisoft for years to reduce. they always claim they are with every release but I'm still seeing too many IMO. Note: I've mentioned this in the past. I never received any e-mail telling me that you replied to my post? & as I said I've reported this B4. I'm looking at the 'post options'? as I write this & 'follow this topic' is checked?, tho now I may receive a e-mail by replying to your post? but for some reason this does not seem to happen by DEFAULT? = A LOT of missed reply's
  3. I'm just curious. are the decisions you make when you receive a POP-UP passed on to Emsisoft?. are they used to improve/reduce future pop-up's etc.?. Thank you.
  4. I DID IT! TY scottls1! WOW that is scary when comparded to O-A!~ alot of squinting involved! LOL!.
  5. How/where do you exclude a folder in A-M?. I have no trouble finding 'exclude folder' in my OA, I love how easy it is to find/do their. but I'm giving A-M another try, version 6, & again I cant figure out how/where to exclude a folder from A-M for some reason? LOL!. Thanks.
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