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  1. So that explains why the Firefox alerts disappeared so soon. I learn more about this wonderful program every day. Thanks for the prompt response!
  2. Hi Arthur, after my last update (below), Firefox 19 has stopped prompting. However, Thunderbird 17.0.3 is still giving the same prompts. 3 modules, 1528303 bytes Signatures\20130220.sig (8358 bytes) - updated a2wl.dat (550781 bytes) - updated a2hosts.dat (969164 bytes) - updated
  3. Anyone else getting Behavior.Backdoor or Behavior.TrojanDownloader prompts for the firefox executable after updating to version 19?
  4. Fabian said that it was a result of classification changes to a lot of signatures of signatures at Wilders.
  5. I noticed this too and think that 2 context items would be nice. One to add the file to the whitelist and one to add the detection. I was surprised that the current default was for the detection and not the file. Thanks for submitting the feature request Arthur.
  6. Would it be redundant to use Malwarebyte's malicious website blocking with EAM7 or do they not overlap?
  7. No issues here with the beta. Installed and updated smoothly. Scans are fast. So far, this version feels as light on my system as v6. I like how the new menu minimizes to the left, but still shows the icons for each item. This is obviously minor, but IMHO on a system with antialiasing disabled, the old version had a more visually appealing font for the menu items. I'll report back if I encounter any issues, but so far another job well done to the Emsisoft crew!
  8. Is there a way to download the beta installer or is updating through the v6 interface the only way to do it? During the update, do the Ikarus definitions and leftovers get cleanly removed from the PC? Is there a way to manually verify that everything went smoothly during the update? Also any more details on the improved surf protection? Are you guys no longer using hphosts? Is it an in-house maintained list? Sorry for all the questions! :-)
  9. Thanks Fabian. I read this thread before reading the blog and finding out that the new beta was just released today. Oops. I can't wait to try the new beta later this week when I get back on my PC!
  10. Just to clarify, does this mean the current ongoing flash tests are using the beta version with the BD engine?
  11. Thanks Arthur. I really appreciate it. You guys are the best!
  12. Directory Opus responded to my inquiry at their support forum. I'm hoping this info helps you guys understand why this is happening in Directory Opus. I'm sure for a security program, this has to be a very low priority issue. Without sounding like this issue is caused by your program and not theirs, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is an easy fix that will be worth your time to at least take a look at.
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