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  1. Thanks so much for your reply Fabian! That's a real shame about VB - I see what you mean about the long list of incompatible apps. You'd think they could get their act together! Do you know if bridged networking in VMware is any better? If it is, I suppose I could switch over to that. Thanks again!
  2. Really? Shoot. Is there any progress on a fix for it, or some kind of workaround?
  3. Hi! I've been trying to get a couple of Virtualbox VMs running with a bridged network connection for the past couple of days with no real luck. My host is Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, and the VMs are Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I actually seemed to have a bit of luck with Mint -- I can ping IP addresses successfully, and I can visit sites by IP address just fine. However, domain resolution doesn't work! I've traced the problem down to OA (on the host). If I disable the "OA Helper Driver" under my network adapter, everything works beautifully. As soon as I re-enable it, DNS fails again. I've tried using both my router's DNS as well as public DNS without any luck. It's as if the request isn't going through or completing. Any ideas? I'd really like to get bridged networking set up, and I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this working! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Sure thing! I really do hope they get it fixed, because I really love OA so far! Ok, I sent you my system info file. Thank you again for looking into this!
  5. Ah, I just did that, and it works! I've launched Chrome successfully sandboxed in SBIE without any lockups! Thanks! I don't feel great about excluding Chrome from OA's protection, though. Being the paranoid type, I prefer to have layered security - especially for a primary internet-facing app that is a large vector for attacks. I did, but after you suggested that it might be causing issues, I disabled it and tried loading up Chrome in SBIE to have the same result: a PC lockup. After that I actually uninstalled OA and reinstalled it, keeping the default settings. Then I tried launching Chrome in SBIE, with the same result. I thought maybe some option I changed in OA ight be the cause, but that wasn't the case here. @OA Team: Is this being looked into? If you need any information from me, let me know!
  6. Thank you both for your replies! Isn't this dangerous? What if a malware manages to slip past Avast and MBAM and install in the sandbox? I'd have no way of knowing, correct? Yes, I've double checked that OA is checked off in the compatibility list. When I start Chrome sandboxed, the green border appears around the window as if OA is running Chrome "safer", even though I've verified that neither Chrome or SBIE are set to "RunSafer" (no programs are, in fact - everything is set to run normally). Also, when I run Chrome without SBIE, no green border appears around it. SBIE is configured not to display a border around sandboxed apps.
  7. Hi, I recently downloaded and installed OA Premium on my W7 32-bit system and I've been having some issues which appear to be related to the combination of OA, SBIE and Google Chrome. I was previously running Comodo Internet Security with no issues. I uninstalled CIS, used CCleaner to remove leftover registry entries, cleared my sandbox, restarted, and then installed the OA premium trial. The install went fine, no errors or issues of any sort. I then restarted again to make sure everything was good to go. SBIE automatically detected OA and prompted to add it to the compatibility list. However, when I tried launching Chrome sandboxed, Chrome started loading, displayed the top bar (location bar, some of the extensions), and then simply froze. The actual homepage wasn't even rendered - just a blank white page appeared. Chrome completely locked up, and I couldn't close it. I tried terminating the running processes with SBIE (right-click context menu), but nothing happened - Chrome stayed open. I couldn't open SBIE's GUI or OA after that, and eventually the entire system becomes unresponsive. It wouldn't shut down, programs wouldn't run, and I was forced to manually shut it down. I was hoping it was a one-time thing, but it's continued to happen since I installed OA. Sometimes (maybe 50%) I can get Chrome to fully load and work properly, but later when I try shutting the system down, it hangs at the "Windows is shutting down..." screen and I need to again power down manually. The other 50% of the time I can't even get Chrome to run sandboxed, and my entire system just locks up. I'll note that running Chrome normally (not sandboxed by SBIE) works perfectly. But I don't feel comfortable browsing without SBIE these days, when even trusted sites can be hacked, or rogue adverts can install malware. Removing SBIE is not an option. I've added exclusions in all of my security programs for one another: OA, Avast and MBAM Pro. I thought it might be DEP related (running EMET), but there are absolutely no helpful errors in the Windows event log. I was running the latest 3.64 version of SBIE, but upgraded to the beta version to see if maybe there was a fix. Any ideas? I really like Online Armor. The interface is great, it's speedy and fast, and the options available are really fantastic. I'd be willing to pay for the premium version, but I can't even get OA to play nice with my current setup! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!