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  1. Hopefully deleted double messed-up reply version...see below for better one.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply -- actually the WORST of the problem is that the scanner just does NOT run at all! Trying to close the window comes AFTER realizing that nothing is happening! One can choose normally which type of scan is desired (quick, smart, deep, etc.), but then the window that appears while scanning comes up but it does not show that it is scanning anything or finding anything -- processes, traces, cookies & files scanned stay at "0", and the "objects detected: 0" shows up in red, just for emphasis, I guess. I would find the non-cooperating window-closing more tolerable if only the scanner would work the helpful way it has on my other computer! Here is the info about the computer that the online scanner is having the problem with: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack: n/a Platform: x64 Other security Software: Norton 360 Firewall: Windows Firewall managed by Norton Firewall Provider I thought that the problem might be caused by the last-mentioned item above, however, I turned that (firewall management) off and still could not use the online scanner. (Here’s where I got my free trial of this program, just in case you want to try playing with it: But I still got the weird error message even when having the firewall manager off, just with a slight difference: 'Access violation at address 0B343A04 in module ‘asquared.ocx’. Read of address 0000026D.' I have Symnantec Corporate on my other computer & it doesn't interfere with the online scanner. It would be nice if some of the above could help solve the problem! Please see what you think! Thanks again... BTW - sorry about the quote thing, I think there is some weird problem with trying to reply through IE8 that happens sometimes and not others. Anyway, it was not intentional...
  3. ~WHOLE QUOTATION without any comments REMOVED {Lynx} Please read Forum Posting Rules
  4. Apparently loads normally, but says it is not scanning any files, not finding anything (says "0" for every parameter). Can't close the window, have to go to task manager to close, gives "not responding" message and the following: "Access violation at address 0B343A04 in module ‘asquared.ocx’. Read of address 0000026D." My other computer has Windows XP and IE 7 and this scanner works great. I wish I could use it on this newer computer also. Any suggestions?