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  1. Thank you so much for all your time and help!
  2. It's now been deleted. Does everything else look OK?
  3. That didn't work either. But I think I know what the problem is: my computer is in Swedish. I took a closer look at the scan window, and under the *** Building Report *** headline it says something along the lines of "The file path could not be found". I'm guessing it doesn't know where to save the log because "Desktop" is "Skrivbord" on my computer. Have I understood correctly that the KG file that EEK found is in the folder with shortcuts to recently used documents? Maybe I could try deleting all the files in that folder, and then maybe KG will go away?
  4. I didn't get any error message, but I also didn't get a log. The program finished its scan and said the log would be on the desktop, but it's not there, nor is it in the ISeeYouXP folder. Should I try the XPHomeFix, or is this a different kind of error?
  5. I can't find it in the list of programs. Could it be hidden somehow? I searched for the name it had in the EEK log, which was a .lnk file located in the folder with recently used documents, and it appears to at one point have been a .jpg that now no longer exists but I guess still has a shortcut in that folder. Maybe that other file just happened to be named the same thing. Or is it the key logger program being sneaky?
  6. No, it's not. I don't know what it is. Was that the "medium risk" threat that EEK found? I've been wondering about that one.
  7. The computer has been super slow since the FSS scan, but maybe that's something that will improve after I uninstall that program? Other than that, I just checked eBay and the pop-up is gone! So in that regard things are running great - thank you so much
  8. The same thing happened as before with the other OTL fix. It seems to start fine, then nothing happens. I let it sit for a few hours, but still nothing. It just stops responding. The antivirus program was deactivated when I tried running the fix so I don't know what could be interfering with OTL.
  9. The computer is being exceptionally slow today, it takes ages for it to actually open anything I click. Anyway, managed to start FSS after a while, here's the log.
  10. By the way, is there any way to know how long that Sinowal thing has been there or what information it has gotten hold of? Will I need to change passwords and stuff like that?
  11. Here's the log - it found a whole bunch of things.
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