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  1. Hello Blacklists in online armor how can be used ? Regards, Abdou
  2. yes EAM has detected (Trojan.Win32.SpyShelter.AMN (A)) but it's not a trojan .the detect name must be (riskware)
  3. I have a Enquiry Why online armor fail in the test in Windows 8 and succeed in Windows XP
  4. thanks ..the problem has been solved
  5. camstudio's installer was just an example == I use online armor for a long time and the problem did not appear until today
  6. I used on advanced mode === yes i changed the setting
  7. Hi there problem in online armor and the problem is that he blocking every programs that doesn't have digital signature from running watch the video file that I included it please. Thank you. Regards, Abdou
  8. How It's not the same popup !! I cheeked Online Armor history And this is what I found
  9. Hello !! Why Online Armor show me the same popup twice??
  10. Hi What is the difference between the open safer in online armor and the Sandboxie
  11. I use version and never really encountered this problem
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