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  1. Okay, I finally got it to install. It was the wierdest thing I have ever seen. I went searching my computer for an older copy, thinking maybe I had an incompatible version, and found out I had many, many copies of EAW on my computer. I mean 50-100 different emsisoft directory folders, taking up several hundred gigabytes of space(!). I have no idea how that could have possible happened, but I deleted every single copy and now it installs. Too bizarre for words.
  2. I am trying a re-install of EAM on my win7-64 computer. The install process always freezes on one of the sig files. I tried the latest version and one from October, and they both freeze on sig files, but the files are different in each (20120131.sig for new version, 30000207.sig for the October one). Since I uninstalled it with the revo uninstaller, I ran the emsiclean tool, and it says there are no traces of emsisoft or mamutu on the system. I've tried to install about 10 times now, and every time it freezes the computer and I have to do a hard reset. I also paused protection on Kaspersky
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