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  1. I can't believe something so simple snuck by me Thank you very much for your tolerance and getting this problem resolved!! Many thanks!
  2. Thanks sooo much, trying out really soon. I was looking at components below that lol. First happy face in a while when thinking of windows.
  3. No online armor components found that I could see, heres a screen cap... No idea what the problem is... Could it be a program conflict? Same issues show up in safe mode w/ networking though. I am really at a loss, I know it didnt start until after the uninstall. But this is unlike anything I've ever come across.
  4. Alright, I know this took some time, but between social and school life... This is what I see, I included the devices that I tried disabling and the ones that no longer show up on ipconfig that used to be there. Hope this helps. The underlines indicate the miniports I mentioned that I have never seen before and I cannot seem to uninstall whether I'm admin and regardless of the methods you've recommended.
  5. and yes i installed in normal and uninstalled in safe mode
  6. rebooting twice fixed nothing, the same problem exists now as did before. there are mysterious miniports that show up in device manager, all ports except for the wired connection show a yellow warning triangle. ipconfig shows no adapters connected (except 3 that im not familiar with and am totally unaware of their function, but alas those say "media disconnected" anyways). viewing my network devices now no longer shows my wireless device among them, it did before the reinstall and uninstall process you recommended, so something has changed and it is actually not for the better. and as for the ASC uninstaller the answer is no, i used the programs and features in control panel to uninstall. so here i am.. on linux again. because it can have a firewall that works w/o ******** up wireless drivers.
  7. no i did not. i used the control panel to uninstall OA
  8. online armor cannot start service nor run in safe mode or normal bootup, nor safe mode with networking. i uninstalled using the start menu icon under online armor hoping that would work. still no internet access and the online armor miniports persist. online armor really wants internet access for me to be able to even access the program in the first place... so i hope i don't need to access the program for me to be able to uninstall it properly. wtf is wrong with this software i mean seriously. ive never had this degree of issues before just trying to uninstall security software. not to mention that this software was the root cause of BSoD until i got rid of this steaming pile of crap.
  9. device manager, under administrator tools. my driver is up to date. but those miniports are still there and my internet access is gone. for w/e reason even when i disable alllll the ports with a warning sign on them the problem persists. that and i cannot delete them, uninstall them, or just plain get rid of them, even as the administrator. HELP!
  10. the post you linked, the user specifically mentions device manager. my problem shows no symptoms in the window you linked me to with those instructions. no mention of online armor nor miniports anywhere. id prefer to keep my drivers intact so i can use them later. im still stuck using linux due to this problem and would greatly appreciate a fully functioning windows again. i have thoroughly googled this problem and have found no useful forums on the subject, and the workaround ive gotten from online armor will lead me to never recommend this product to any techy friend ill ever come across.
  11. i have uninstalled online armor from my system and now the internet connectivity is gone, all network drivers have warning signs except for the original two. i am using win 7 64 bit. i have to use linux in order to actually get online anymore, your product will get negative reviews. i just want this issue fixed.
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