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  1. ok here is the log. I don't think it was as bad as i thought Thanks WM
  2. hello good day I had some problems with my computer today i did a new deepscan with emsisoft and it showed 12 files still with rootkit. i hope this didn't screw up the process. I have attached the OTL log Thanks WM
  3. good day here is the log from fss log Thanks again.
  4. everything seamed to run fine. the computer also seams to be running better. i have not got any pop up notice from Emsisoft or from Microsoft Security Essentials. I was getting them every couple of minutes before. Here is the Log From ComboFix Thanks again Later WM
  5. have to go to bed and work tomorrow later. Thank you..
  6. ok i've completed the above directions. here is the file that you requested Thankyou
  7. Hello I'm looking for some help. I've completed the directions in one of the other files and rescaned with eset and it says i have 3 files with rootkit trojan in them. I reran the EEK and OTL scans and am attaching them. This time when I did the OTL scan only got one file, i ran it a second time and still only one file.
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