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  1. Hi again. Disabling Windows Defender not helps, but i've found a trick, unchecking "Protect the computer even if no user is logged on" at Protection File Guard. No more delay in logon. I hope this helps users with same issue.
  2. Delay in my laptop is about 7-8 seconds before logon screen appears.
  3. Also, when i'm browsing and EIS is updating its virus database, Chrome freezes some seconds...
  4. Hello guys. Since i've updated to EIS 12 (beta updates enabled), i've noticed some boot delay (the login screen hangs before I can login with my password). In another hand, Windows Defender is active in memory during some minuts (it's not disabled when i install EMSI) in my Windows 10 x64 machine. Thanks for your support
  5. Hi guys. I wonder what are the real differences between both products. I understand that the only difference it's the firewall, but i don't know if there is any benefit of using Emsisoft Firewall instead W10 Firewall. I have a look a Emsisoft Firewall and it seems very basic, not as powerful as Online Armor was...
  6. Hi guys. I'm running EMSI v12 in my laptop and i'm very impressed with the performance of the Behaviour Blocker, by far the most strong argument of this suite. However, i wonder if there is any setting for deleting automatically the files that have some suspicious behaviour. Sometimes, BB block these malicious attempts, but the files remain in my computer. Thanks Regards
  7. Ok. Fixed and tested. Regards es-es.lng
  8. Hi guys. In Protection- Behaviour Blocker - in the bottom (menu Show an alert), only first option is in Spanish language (mostrar una alerta). Rest of options are in catalan language. Correct translation is: - Mostrar una alerta - Permitirlo siempre - Utilizar siempre la opción recomendada - Ponerlo siempre en cuarentena
  9. I've found this post: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/17273-surf-protection-alternate-method-for-hosts-file-conversion/ but still i don't understand how "convert" hosts file to Emsi format.
  10. Hi guys. I'm wondering how can i import a host file to surf protection. I'm trying to import this file http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.txt, but i don't see the new rules in the list. Thanks for your support
  11. Yes. No problems today in my laptop and my PC.
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