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  1. never mind after a restart it seems to have resolved i didn't get an error this time that seems a bit weird but thanks anyway all seems working fine now really like your software keep up the good work
  2. i recently installed emsisoft on my computer but whenever i close the emsisoft user interface i get an error by windows saying that emsisoft security center has stopped working and prompts me to close the program i"m in windows vista and says to help protect your computer data execution prevention has closed emsisoft security center click to learn more. i don't know what to do please help.
  3. hi i want to know if its ok for me to run emsisoft antimalware with realtime protection alongside nod32 and malwarebytes that are in realtime... will it cause a slow down on my system or problems?? currently i'm running the free version of emsisoft with just the scanner because i heard it had a good detection i used it has a third opinion but i was wondering if running the 3 programs in realtime will cause any problems or slow downs??? what will you recomend for me to do..
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