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  1. Lynx, your attempt to blame other security software was rather predictable. What sort of problem do you expect when you keep installing and un-installing the same product? Slightly updated perhaps but that's already it. Try to install something else. I did exactly that and was, during install, informed that the product couldn't be installed because EAM was already/still there. Fabian, I take it that English isn't your first language and/or actually trying to solve a problem instead of jumping on the defence isn't one of your traits either.
  2. ^A rather snarky way of saying 'no, there isn't one'. BTW Your un-installer doesn't remove registry entries.
  3. You got me .............almost 360.cn goes to a Chinese website where I can't download from because my FW blocks it. download.com = Cnet has seen better times, although publishing fake Ashampoo Win Optimiser and jv16 power tools wasn't one of those. Their link still goes to Torchsoft which is known for their excellent registry editor and ASCII art studio. Although Fabian Woser seems to have found the MD you mean I'd strongly suggest to stick to a little more established programmes like MByte's <-free
  4. Just curious. Which malware defender are you talking about? Your link leads into the emptiness (page not found)
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