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  1. It's a little too hard at the moment. I just reinstalled my OS and all data is gone. I remember that were messages about registry modify attempts when I installed for example various Adobe Flash Player versions. It was strange that appeared this kind of messages with deactivated Web Shield, Program Guard and Anti-Keylogger modules (Firewall was active).
  2. Hi. How to use Online Armor as firewall only? I turned off all modules (Web Shield, Program Guard and Anti-Keylogger) and kept active firewall only. But there are still notifications when I run unknown applications which want to modify registry. Is it normal? All I need is firewall (and notifications about network issues) nothing else. How to turn off messages about everything except network issues? For me - I love all OA modules but my relatives are not very keen on computers so I don't want to make them angry about unknown messages.
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