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  1. I installed revo uninstaller hoping it would be able to get rid of it and great news it did.After revo finished i was able to reinstall eam and its running fine.I wanna thank everyone for helping me and GT500 for sticking with it,awesome forum and support.
  2. i went to apps & features and found emsisoft,hit uninstall and get this again?
  3. Heres the logs FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Heres a new log file,hopefully everything is there. None of those 3 folders you asked about from emsisoft are there EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  5. GT500 hopefully you can help me with this,but for reasons i kept the pc.When trying to reinstall eam i get a popup box(image)i have ran emsiclean and it finds nothing and also eam isn't in control panel add/remove programs?
  6. The system boots up fine and running good,thank you for the info
  7. Im giving the pc to someone and they use something else,why i was uninstalling eam.I myself will always use eam as i like the no bloat. I had to use autoruns because emsiclean kept finding a file even after alot of reboots and running emsiclean,i couldnt delete emsisoft folder in c:/programs as it was in use.i cant remember the file but i ran autoruns and was able to delete it and then remove the folder.After that emsiclean said nothing found.
  8. With the help of Autoruns emsiclean worked.Thanks everyone for the help
  9. repair tool?where can i get that?
  10. Won't work,says already installed
  11. I get the error box when uninstalling from control panel-programs,I dont know if emsiclean is for a complete uninstall? just dont want to cause more problems.