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  1. My son was playing xbox and someone on there got mad about something and told my son he would disconnect my internet.My son gave him no info but the person new what city we were in?My internet was soon shutdown all together for about a half hr or so.I rebooted my modem several times until it finally came back online.Is this possible that someone could even do this?

  2. Im giving the pc to someone and they use something else,why i was uninstalling eam.I myself will always use eam as i like the no bloat.

    I had to use autoruns because emsiclean kept finding a file even after alot of reboots and running emsiclean,i couldnt delete emsisoft folder in c:/programs as it was in use.i cant remember the file but i ran autoruns and was able to delete it and then remove the folder.After that emsiclean said nothing found.

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