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  1. Thank you for replying,ill buy a new license
  2. If i go to the emsisoft portal-login-go to my subscriptions and hit renew.it only takes me to google play where it shows ems?Is there no way to renew the license?Should i just buy a new license?
  3. I think the reason for that might be as it was as eam was installing i had windows defender folder protection on,i uninstalled eam,turned off windows defender folder protection and when i reinstalled eam the desktop icon was there?Like i said it wasnt a big issue as eam worked without problems.
  4. No i didnt have a desktop shortcut but i would delete it anyhow.Thanks for the response
  5. I get this popup when installing but the installation seems to finish and everything with eam seems fine?Just curious as what this means?
  6. Im able to run a normal scan with scan storage selected now,maybe was something with querying the server at the time?But all is fine as of now.
  7. I disabled scan storage and it worked.Not sure how to take screen shot(its a red box with that error code:0 in it) 1. Motorola xt1254 turbo 2. 6.0.1 3. 3.0.1 4. adguard(not enabled at time of scan) 5. ems is device admin.
  8. Trying to run a scan on 2 android phones and get error code:0 around 70% of scan and stops?
  9. Ive done as you instructed and sent the logs.thanks
  10. I have the same on my laptop at 1366 x 768.Every restart it goes back below taskbar,running eis 12 but also did it with 11.
  11. Now when i look in EIS-firewall-manage networks theres wifi-ethernet-local erea connection 12?i see what wifi and ethernet are but local area connection 12?This is a laptop i dont connect with wired ethernet just use wifi.
  12. Heres the device manager,network adapters screenshot
  13. Im using a windows 10 laptop with EIS and when i go to protection-firewall-manage networks i have listed wifi,ethernet,Local area connection 8-9-10-12?What is the local area connections?
  14. Its a known problem,read the link below. http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19847-updatednow-wont-load/
  15. uninstalled-reinstalled and working exept when i try to use my emsisoft account to activate anttheft it says invalid username or password,im 100% sure they are correct?
  16. Was there a program update?I opened google play and an update was available so i did and now when i try to opne ems it says Unfortunately,Emsisoft Mobile Security has stopped.Was running fine until i updated.Asking because i see nothing listed in the changelog section about a update?
  17. I updated to the hotfix(2)stable update today and seems to have fixed the tray ion not showing problem i had.Rebooted a few times to check and so far so good,thanks.
  18. I dont have a eis desktop icon,i dont want it so i deleted it when eis was installed.
  19. On my windows 7 64 bit the a2guard.exe is running and this is under an admin account.For me everything is running fine just the icon not showing up.Just wanted to let ya know.
  20. Eis updated today,rebooted and no tray icon.Everytime i reboot no icon.If i click on start menu-eis the icon will load but when i reboot its gone,Have not tried a uninstall-reinstall yet. happening on win 7 pc my 2 win 10 computers seem fine as of now
  21. I will try this,thanks for the replies
  22. I have eek on a usb and have eis installed.Is it possible to import the signatures(database)from eis to eek,because updating eek takes a long time?
  23. I have a couple of files in the behavior blocker(eis) where reputation status is unknown,its not a big deal but just wondering does this status of unknown ever change?Are these files uploaded to emsisoft and looked at?
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