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  1. This is on a windows 7 64 bit,deleted that driver through command prompt and it worked.Eis has all shileds on.Thank you very much for your help
  2. Here ya go FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Came home from work and eis said needed to restart to complete the update so i rebooted and this is what i got(see screenshot),i cant enable file guard,surf protection or behavior blocker.All thats enabled is firewall? windows 7 pro 64
  4. I believe i had sorta the same issue(mines running fine now).Below is the thread i had opened http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/17411-not-installing/
  5. I kept uninstalling then installing.As i said b4 this happened with another vendor also not just emsisoft.
  6. After about 5 times of trying to install it finally installed.My other laptop i plugged in via ethernet and it installed.I have no idea what the problem was but it seems something with the wireless driver or something like that,who knows.But anyhow its installed and so far working good.Thanks
  7. I disabled windows defender and tried installing eis again and got same result.I dont think its just emsisoft but like i said in original post,i tried another vendors internet security suite and it did the same thing but there antivirus program installed fine just like eam does.This is on 2 hp laptops that this is happening.
  8. Here are the 2 scan files,i dont have eam or eis installed. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. I downloaded and ran the Emsiclean and got a popup no traces of emsisoft antimalware or mamutu have been found.I believe it has something to do with installing the firewall something with the driver.Both of my laptops that have problems installing eis are hp- 64 bit -windows 8.1.I can install eis on my windows 7 64 bit just fine?ill be going away for the weekend so i wont be able to reply until tuesday.
  10. I have a license for eam but was thinking about renewing to the internet security version.I uninstalled eam and tried installing eis but it got to the screen where it said installing on your computer and just sat there for about 15 minutes until i used the power button to restart.when i restarted it booted up fine and i went through the updated process but it said i had partial protection and the firewall was not even listed in eis?Im trying to install eis on 2 windows 8.1 hp 64 laptops and get same results?I ran into this issue when trying another vendors internet security suite also,Its something to do with the firewall part of the install that doesnt complete the install?Any ideas,if not ill just stick to eam?
  11. I needed the laptop and couldn't take it anymore as it kept freezing up,no programs would run so I reformatted.I thank you for your time and help,sorry brian
  12. The other day i installed eam and during it install scan it found some registry key(disable taskmgr,disable cmd,etc)so i quarantined them.Today booting up security ctr says eam and windows defender are disabled and when i try to open eam it wants me to enter license details again to do an install.Also at times i cant open task manager,google chrome takes forever to load if it does and mbam doesnt open. windows 8.164bit w/latest updates
  13. You must 1st go to phone settings-device administrator-deactivate emsisoft mobile security,go to settings-apps & uninstall or uninstall through google play
  14. Spoke to soon.,i booted up the laptop today and opened up online armor-went to programs(in oa) and it said something like renduring prgrams and sat there while I got the mouse spinning wheel and couldn't do anything.I had to reboot from my power button.I have uninstalled online armor as it not working in my systems and maybe ill give it a try down the line when a new version comes out.thanks for helping me
  15. I installed the beta from the link,rebooted,used laptop,rebooted,did this for a bit and seems to be doing fine and seems faster and more responsive.i will install it on my desktop later to see how it goes on that computer.since I have a beta installed should I enable the beta updates option in online armor?
  16. I have used online armor in the past with no problems but recently installed it on my laptop(win 8 64) and desktop(win 8 pro 32) it freezes up and i cant do anything but a reboot ,I cant use browsers,task manager or anything.The only thing different on 2 computers I have running since ive seen the problem is microsoft office 2013 home premium.the problem is happening on both computers. online armor premium: windows 8 64 & windows 8 pro 32 other security software:EAM-mbam free(on demand only) Microsoft office 2013 home premium
  17. 1.is there a way in eam that I can have it automatically block a suspicious/unknown file instead of an alert popping up giving me a choice to allow,block,quarantine?i have kids and they will allow everything. 2.i know I can password protect some settings but cant find one for password protect eam from uninstall?is this possible?
  18. thanks for the lightning fast response,much appreciated
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