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  1. Hi All, On Configuration-General tab I have "Quarantine Re-scan set to Silent. On Configuration-Notifications tab I have check all items, except Update notifications. The notification box is on steroids. It pops up at least hourly and at times pops up 2-3 times in a row. I want to control the frequency of this notification. Is there a setting to control the interval of scanning quarantined objects or the frequency of the notification that rescanned objects, (false-positives), can be restored to original location? Thanks.
  2. I' using anti-malware (v command line scanner on a Win XP Pro SP3 box. I've setup a white list text file to exclude certain directories. The location is: /whitelist="E:\My Documents\a-squared\WhiteList.txt" WhiteList.txt has the following entries: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users" "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User" "C:\Documents and Settings\Local Service" "C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService" However, folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator" is scanned. The scan parameters are: /memory /traces /cookies /smart /riskware /ntfs /quarantinelist Is my white list text file formatted incorrectly or is one of the scan parameters overriding what is in WhiteList.txt? If the file is formatted incorrectly, what is the correct format? Thanks much!!!
  3. Hi all! I'm using Anti-Malware v on a Win XP Pro SP3 box. I've started to use the command line scanner. When running in the command window, some of the scan parameters are displayed. One is "ADS Scan." What is an ADS scan? Thanks!!
  4. When I visit a questionable web site, the the popup shown in the image below appears. What does the 1. Green Checkmark, 2. Red "X" & 3. Two gears mean? I assume "OK" means "block the site"? Thanks.
  5. I'm on a Win XP Pro, SP 3 box. I'm running Emsisoft Anti-Malware. I believe I am getting several false positives in Delphi 7 program code. See attached zip file for a part of a recent scan. Below are some comments that may be the cause of a false positive: 1. Line 1: Code examples from Delphi COM Programming by EricHarmon. I believe this is a trusted source. 2. Line2: Code examples from Mastering Delphi 7 source code by Marco Cantù. I believe this is a trusted source. 1 Line 3: uses socket components: IdComponent, IdTCPConnection, IdTCPClient, IdMessageClient, IdSMTP, IdBaseComponent, IdMessage. All of these controls are from INDY Internet direct at http://www.indyproject.org/index.en.aspx. The components are a comprehensive set of library socket fro Borland Delphi and C++. 4. Lines 4-5: Use Delphi's native web browser component. 5. Line 6: Program uses ImageMan image display and manipulation component from www.data-tech.com. 6. Uses Delphi thread technology: BeginThread(nil,0,Addr(CancelDialog),nil,0,threadId). "BeginThread" is a built in Delphi funtion. 7. Line 8: Uses Delphi WebBrowser control. Also contains other programs to allow Delphi 7 to communicate with a web browser. They are: UIEBrowser in 'UIEBrowser.pas' {Form1}, UExternalContainer in 'UExternalContainer.pas', IntfDocHostUIHandler in 'IntfDocHostUIHandler.pas', UNulContainer in 'UNulContainer.pas', UMyExternal in 'UMyExternal.pas', IEBrowser_TLB in 'IEBrowser_TLB.pas'; The code is from article: "How to call Delphi code from scripts running in a TWebBrowser" found at http://www.delphidabbler.com/articles?article=22. 8. Other programs that have been flagged because they use "Embedded Web Browser" found at: http://www.bsalsa.com/. I'm not going to go through the rest of the examples, but I think external communication components or source code triggers false positives. What do you think? Thanks!
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